The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be reaching its final stretch, businesses are opening, and the demand for work is increasing. It is essential to review our businesses and evaluate which areas we have emerged strengthened. Working from home made us innovate and learn new ways of using the technology that we had in our hands and acquire new skills in the way we use it. But did this make us more creative?

Creativity is a primary tool that will help your business cope with changes and maintain current clients happy and win potentially new customers. Creativity is an essential element for a business to stay ahead of the times, always offering what the market demands in a differentiating, competitive way and thinking outside the box.

Why is creativity more important for a business now than ever?

  • Because businesses need to reconnect with their clients and bring fresh concepts and ideas to the table, this approach will be remarkable and may make a difference in what already exists in the market.
  • By embracing creativity, the business will have a significant advantage by making it more competitive and approachable.
  • The creativity in business makes the company desirable to new talents with great imagination and visionary thinking that help the business progress on challenging projects while keeping an exciting culture that motivates current employees and boosts their problem-solving skills.
  • Creative thinking and operation make a safe place for a diverse work environment. Diversity allows a different approach to the same problem by providing various solutions from different levels and creative capacities.

Consequently, applying creativity and problem-solving skills will help the business emerge successfully with new ideas and innovation. But it is also essential to keep a high level of creativity as a team member that always wants to contribute and improve professional skills.

Here are some tips to keep the creativity flowing and fresh from the book Make it Now by Anthony Burrill, which could help keep the mind sharp and creative and guide new thinking and recharge the team’s creativity.

  • Change your daily routine and look at the world through fresh eyes
  • Document everything, take photographs, collect things, and keep mementos
  • Give yourself deadlines
  • Forget what you’ve done in the past. Think Anew
  • Say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’
  • Build your creative network, reconnecting again
  • Optimism, energy, and enthusiasm make everything happen

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We are happy to help with any project in your organization and provide creative solutions to meet your goal and make things happen.

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