Connecting Your Business with Your Community

Run That helps companies leave their mark on the world while enhancing relationships within their workforce and communities through social responsibility strategies, and by cultivating a culture of diversity.

Social Responsibility Strategy

The value of a company is no longer solely dependent on the service or product they provide. Now, the positive impact they make in the communities they serve is equally valuable. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies are practices and programs adopted by companies as part of their business model intended to help the company have a positive influence in the world. Run That works with companies to craft new or enhance existing CSR strategies that will drive employee engagement, lift your public image, and generate loyal customers.


More than ever before, consumers are conscious of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the rest of the world. Many see their purchasing power as a means to support causes they believe in, and they are more likely to support a company whose mission aligns with their own beliefs. Creating CSR practices and programs within your company generates customer loyalty while enhancing the relationships you hold in your community and with elected leaders. We implement cohesive plans that work with and for your government affairs and public relations strategies. Whether it is seeking out charity sponsorships and grant recipients or building CSR programs from the ground up, Run That works to help you make the most significant impact.


CSR programs often lead to heightened motivation and a sense of purpose for employees, and are critical in driving job performance and company loyalty. Research has shown that when employees participate in social impact programs, companies experience a 13% increase in productivity and a 50% reduction in turnover. From identifying employee volunteer opportunities to developing social impact programs your employees genuinely believe in, Run That works to help you build strong connections with your employees.

Culture & Diversity

Run That knows diversity – from race to religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, political perspective, and beyond – in the workplace fosters strong leaders and better businesses. We believe an inclusive culture of mutual respect and learning from one another is essential. We collaborate with companies to cultivate a culture of diversity within their workforce through cultural awareness trainings and staff recruitment strategies.


We provide cultural awareness training for your employees that can be applied at the office or at home, to foster a culture of tolerance and inclusivity within your company.


Diversity is key to the success of any company. We work to develop a recruitment plan to help diversify your workforce.


We can lead or assist your Human Resources staff in implementing new policies and programs that build a company culture that embraces diversity..