Roadmap to health

Helping a national organization make local impacts


Throughout the United States, a large number of communities face several barriers to accessing health care, including lack of insurance coverage, proximity to a provider, and language. Due in part to these barriers, identified communities have had difficulty accessing basic health screenings while also facing higher rates of chronic disease.


Help to remove barriers to health care and educate individuals about protecting, maintaining, and improving their health by providing no-cost health screenings and wellness materials, as well as developing lasting relationships with partners and individuals within various communities.


A mobile health trailer was created with the primary focus being to provide accessibility to dozens of communities across the United States. Run That provided a diverse and culturally aware team, educational materials translated in 14 different languages, and in-person interpreters to aid in communication and show cultural sensitivity to the communities visited. The trailer offered no-cost health screenings with real-time results, nutrition counseling, exercise classes, healthy snacks, and other wellness resources.

At the program’s on-set, Run That planned and executed in-person events throughout New York and then was expanded as a nationwide program. Run That developed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy to maximize the program’s reach and engagement. Following each event, program participants have continued access to health and wellness materials through the website, blog, and social media channels.

By collaborating with local partners, we increased community engagement and awareness, developed relationships with community members and provided an important health care resource that has resulted in continued community engagement.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Run That extended the program’s impact by transforming the entire program and its approach – from traditional in-person events to entirely virtual events held through social media platforms. Run That adapted to the nation’s new virtual reality by planning and executing an entirely new approach to the program and way of engaging communities while maintaining the program’s purpose of providing access to health and health resources.

This virtual initiative includes participation by community organizations and public officials as well as presentations by a registered nutritionist-dietician on topics such as supporting the immune system, food shopping on a budget, and feeding a family at home with special sensitivity to the growing food insecurity crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic continued, program content was added to address the growing need for mental health resources such as presentations about how to identify typical stress and anxiety versus when to seek additional help. Mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques to cope with the stress caused by the pandemic are also available for communities and partners that engage through the virtual event presentations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Nationwide expansion after the 1st year
of the program’s inception

Over 1.5 million
social media impressions

90 events
spanning across 16 different states

Engaged with nearly 100
federal and state elected officials, and community organizations

3,800 individuals
received no-cost health screenings

1,700 individuals
received no-cost nutrition counseling